Dan Gibson Solitudes Bundle

This package contains 11 transriptions of recordings from The Dan Gibson's Solitudes collection. 1. Dan Gibson Solitudes - Beauty Abounds - John Herberman 2. Dan Gibson's Solitudes - A Path To Solitude - John Herberman 3. Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Wishing - John Herberman 4. Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Winged Realm - John Herberman 5. Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Nurturing Rain - John Herberman 6. Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Dreaming By The Stream - John Herberman 7. Cascades - John Herberman - Dan Gibson's Solitudes 8. The Sound Of Silence - Simon & Garfunkle 9. Stardust - Hoagy Carmichael 10. Dan Gibson's Solitudes - Heart Of The Forest - John Heberman 11. Ancient Stand



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